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frustrated_studentIs Your Student Struggling?

Students today face a long list of challenges: test anxiety, stress, peer pressure, distractions, and more.  The pressure to do well has never been higher, and it starts earlier than ever before.

For adult students, whether it’s graduate school, vocational training, technical training, or going back to get that missed degree, the pressures are just as real and get combined with the day-to-day stresses of holding down a job and paying the bills.

The good news is, learning is almost entirely a mental function.  HypnoTutoring goes beyond standard tutoring programs.  Instead of helping them cram to pass one test or learn one subject, we teach our students how to use their own natural abilities to raise their performance in all of their classes to new levels through:

  • Understanding your particular learning style and how that affects the learning process
  • Teaching you proven strategies for conquering test anxiety
  • Showing you tips and tricks for improving your memory, retention and recall
  • Identifying the most effective study techniques for your learning style
  • Breaking through self-imposed barriers that make some subjects harder than others
  • Developing the habits that will lead to better grades by working smarter instead of harder or longer

Our HypnoTutoring program is constantly evolving as we find more and more effective strategies for our clients.  Many of our clients find that they actually spend less time studying but learn more in the process, and their grades show it.

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