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smoking burns moneyIs your future going up in smoke?

You know that every cigarette you smoke damages or kills a few more cells in your body.  You know the health costs you are likely to pay for continuing to poison yourself.

Did you also know that a one-pack-a-day smoker in Maryland spends over $2,800 each year on cigarettes?  What else could you be doing with that kind of money?

The media bombards us with messages about how hard it is to quit smoking.   Messages designed to sell us patches, gum, or medications — some of them with severe, bizarre side effects — to help us avoid cravings or “taper off gently.”

In reality, though, becoming a nonsmoker is a flip of a mental switch.  At Second Trances Hypnosis we’ve helped all sorts of people, from teens to great-grandparents, to flip that switch and keep it flipped.  Our program uses hypnosis, NLP, and your commitment to make sure that you become and remain a nonsmoker for life.  Whether you’ve been smoking for 30 days or 50 years, we can help you end it now.

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