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About Michael Raugh, BCH, CI

Michael Raugh is a hypnotist, trainer, father, and geek. He founded Second Trances Hypnosis in 2004 and has helped countless people reach their personal goals. As an NGH Certified Instructor he certifies new professional hypnotists and teaches classes at the annual NGH convention, passing on skills and techniques.

The Office Building

This is one of several Metaphors That Calm the Mind that I presented at the 2014 NGH Convention.  I call it "The Office Building." What makes the Office Building so interesting is its versatility.  It can be used as an induction, as a deepener, or as change work for quieting a busy mind. I'm an [...]

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2015 NGH Convention plans

I have been invited to teach for a fourth consecutive year at the 2015 National Guild of Hypnotists annual convention in Marlboro, MA.  This year over 400 class proposals were submitted, and the selection committee accepted two of mine. First, I will be reprising my 2014 presentation Metaphors that Calm the Mind.  This is a one-hour [...]

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Metaphors that Calm the Mind

  I created this audio CD as a companion for my 2014 NGH Convention seminar “Metaphors That Calm the Mind.”  It is quite useful as a standalone product as well. Track 1, “Clear Your Mind and Sleep,” is a complete hypnosis session containing an induction (“From Five to Nine” by Terence Watts), two metaphors for [...]

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Why Take Weight Loss Advice from This Guy?

When I first gave my presentation on Escaping the Insulin Trap at the 2013 NGH convention, I knew I had to start out addressing the question that would be on everyone's mind as soon as they saw me:  why would anyone take weight loss advice from a guy who looks like me (top photo)? The best answer [...]

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